[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #a0c736;”]T[/dropcap]here’s nothing that excites us more than introducing a new product to our customers!

If you have a product that is locally made, artisanal, award-winning, unique or natural that you think our customers would love, please send both product and contact information to our corresponding department buyer.

Our Buyers:

BakeryPhilip Copeland
Cards + Gifts + HousewaresSara Nunez
CheeseOctavio Saez De Ibarra, Cheese Monger
Cafe Houman Ehya
Deli + Woodlands KitchenJennifer DeBonis
GroceryCatherine Vella
Health + BeautyBetsy Hershfield-Cohen
Meat + Seafood, San FranciscoMatt Usinowicz
ProduceGustavo Mendez
Wine, Beer + Spirits
Kentfield – David Curtis
Tiburon – Michael Mota
San Francisco – Ed Guelld
Woodlands PetsPatricia Rivas

We receive a lot of requests, so please be patient and give us at least 10 business days to respond to you.

Once your product has hit our shelves, be sure ask the buyer how to coordinate a demo and learn about other marketing channels Woodlands uses to get the word out!

Thank you for your interest in Woodlands Market and Woodlands Cafe.