Weleda: Their rich, vibrant skin care products are made with the best ingredients, many of which are grown on their own farms. They work great and smell great too.

Evan Healy Skin care: Based in Southern California, this company is probably the most perfect combination of earnest and intelligent that I have ever encountered.

Griffin Remedy: A small, sweet company from San Francisco that has short, intelligible lists of ingredients and very reasonable prices

Elemental Herbs: If I were both a really good hippie farmer and a smart biochemist (I’m neither), this is exactly how I’d do it.

Phybiosis, which you’ve never heard of: One word: Aromune.

Plum Flower Herbs: Chinese herbal medicines have been around for a very, very long time and have stood the test of time. This company, based in the East Bay, tests every single batch of every herb or herbal formula for purity and consistency.

Rainbow Light: Smart, gentle formulas. They make the prenatal supplements I used.

Woodlands Market brand supplements: These come from a California company called Vitamer. I have worked with a number of house-brand suppliers over the years, none of them bad, some better than others. I hand picked this one for Woodlands.

Bonny Doon Farms: From the hills above Santa Cruz, these lovely soaps and lotions are made by the farmers themselves. They also happen to come in beautiful packages.

Gaia Herbs: Potent, effective herbs from masters of their craft.