Here’s what’s most important to Steve

  • Not bogged down by a corporate mission or controlled buying practices, Steve has the ability to build quality relationships with local ranchers and seafood procurers that meet his personal standards in animal and human welfare, processing, quality, taste and value.
  • While Steve prefers local meat raised with the very highest and innovative standards in animal welfare, he also knows that he needs to offer more affordable items without compromising quality.
  • For Steve, his business goes beyond animal welfare and good taste; thinking of his producers as business partners; demonstrating understanding, respect and support has been a key to his success in creating long-term relationships with procurers, customers and employees.
  • Anybody who shops at Woodlands Market knows Steve’s team, most of who have been working at Woodlands for at least 10 years, are smart, top-notch butchers and providers of the best customer service available. If you need a recipe idea or even to be cheered up; visit Woodlands Market Meat & Seafood.

Steve’s favorite partners

  • Clark Summit Farms – Local, sustainable, organic farm run by a wonderful family.
  • Five-Dot Land & Cattle – A successful natural beef ranch with an amazing heritage and reputation in Susanville.
  • BN Ranch– The best grass-fed beef available in Northern California.
  • Niman Ranch- Only domestic lamb, especially those produced by small family ranches in Dixon, McCormick and Anderson.
  • Mary’s Free-Range Chicken from Pitman Farms – Sets the standard for best large-scale, well-controlled agricultural operations with an unparalleled animal welfare program.
  • Mostly all-pasteurized pork of the highest quality is sold at Woodlands Market
  • Seafood procurers – Woodlands only partners with 3-4 good suppliers that have long histories with Woodlands. Our seafood department only smells as clean and fresh as the fish it buys, sells and manages.