It’s that time of year: the Woodlands Market Thanksgiving Menu is here again! Now’s your chance to pre-order an assortment of Thanksgiving dishes for your family dinner. Order before 5 pm on Sunday, November 18th for pickup between Monday, November 19th and Friday, November 23rd.

Our loyal customers over the years have let us know that they like what we offer, so we try to keep the menu the same year to year. Most of our recipes are the same ones we’ve been using for over 15 years. That means you can expect the same delicious items as last year, including pre-cooked Diestel Farms turkeys, green beans almondine, mashed potatoes, bread stuffing with turkey sausage, and of course our famous turkey gravy.

Each year we fill 300 to 400 Thanksgiving orders. At least half of these are from repeat customers who know what to expect from our menu and come to us each year for their Thanksgiving feasts. We’re proud that Woodlands’ customers love our menu and keep coming back year after year!

Some menu highlights include:

Turkey gravy – We are certainly known for this Thanksgiving staple. It’s the biggest seller on our menu, and many of our customers are addicted to it! We make our gravy from turkey stock, sage, rendered turkey drippings, and flour, and we sell several thousand pints of it each season.

We also offer a vegetarian mushroom gravy made with porcini powder, dried porcini and cremini mushrooms and thickened with corn starch instead of flour.

Traditional bread stuffing with Woodlands turkey sausage – This house-made sausage stuffing is another customer favorite every year. Woodland Meats makes their own mild, Italian turkey sausage especially for this stuffing. This particular sausage recipe is an old one perfected by John Sbragia, who retired from his long-time post in the meat department a few years ago. We take hand-cut bread, butter, turkey stock, onions, celery, sage, and parsley, and mix it all up with the turkey sausage to make an incredible stuffing that will perfectly complement your bird.

Diestel Farms whole turkeys with herb rub – For those who don’t have the time to cook a whole turkey, our pre-cooked turkeys are brined to prevent them from drying out when reheated. We ordered our free-range turkeys from Diestel Turkey Ranch in Sonora back in March to make sure we would have enough to fill everyone’s orders during this busy holiday season. We use an herb rub (made of olive oil, sage, garlic and onion powder, thyme, marjoram, salt, and pepper) that bakes in nicely to make delicious, crispy turkey skin.

Cranberry orange relish – Our simple cranberry “sauce” only contains ground-up raw cranberries, oranges, and sugar. We don’t cook this relish at all. The sugar and the acid from the orange “cooks” the cranberries to a perfect consistency.

Beckmann’s Old World Pies – Beckmann’s is a bakery out of Santa Cruz that makes delicious, old world-style goods. Their pies have all-butter crusts and good, clean, simple ingredients, just like Grandma used to make.