The Bakery Department at Woodlands Market San Francisco has found its groove since the store’s opening last August. Offering a finely curated selection of breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, and more, the bakery team is up bright and early each day to prepare everything for the morning rush. Managed by Philip Copeland, this team works hard seven days a week to keep the shelves stocked with a selection of fresh treats that offers something for everyone.

While much of our selection is delivered by vendors fresh each morning, Woodlands bakes its own batches of croissants and cookies in-store each day, which go great with our freshly brewed coffee. Our flaky, moist croissants come in plain, almond, and chocolate, while we offer a variety of very large cookies—some of the most popular big sellers among customers include chocolate chunk and salted caramel.

We also get daily deliveries of Dynamo Donuts; bagels from Wise Sons; fresh bread from Acme, Semmifreddi’s, and La Brea Bakery; and pastries from Crepe and Brioche. Crepe and Brioche is a wholesale bakery in San Francisco that offers fantastic, high-quality baked goods, including amazing Danish and a Nutella twist that will make Nutella skeptics into believers! Donuts and Danish are the most popular items we sell here in the San Francisco store, and for good reason—these are some real delectable treats.

Other top sellers we constantly sell out of include a delicious carrot cake square, a five-layer chocolate cake slice, vegan and paleo cookies from Barr Necessities, and a yogurt parfait we prepare each morning with fresh fruit, which makes for a great breakfast.

Moving over to the glass display case, we offer a wide variety of dessert options, including decorated cakes from Sweet Things Bakery in Tiburon, macarons, a crème brûlée that customers love, and different types of pies, including single-serving pocket pies from Mamie’s that come in pumpkin, strawberry, blueberry, apple, and cherry.

Just in time for spring, we’ve got angel food and pound cake that is very popular right now, and we just started getting in some fresh fruit tarts from a new vendor that are so good they’re addictive.

On top of what we bake in-store, Woodlands’ Bakery department receives delivery from up to 10 different vendors each day to curate our shelves with all the treats you could want—some may deliver just one product, while others provide a number of items. In contrast to our other suburban locations, our store here in San Francisco sees mostly smaller, individual purchases, so we try to keep the Bakery stocked with plenty of single-serving treats—cakes, cookies, and other items that allow our customers to grab and go.

Of course, we’re also able to provide any custom or special orders for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, so give us a call with your order and we’ll make it happen!