The continuing adventures of the Woodlands Market Wine Department. The question is, “Is it the knowledgeable and well-traveled customer base that inspires Woodlands Market Wine Department to supply their wants and whims with the strange, the exotic, the hard to find wines and spirits? …or does the diverse and eclectic stock garnered by Erskine Gallant and his crew draw out the enlightened sophisticate and novitiate alike to explore the aisles and partake of the wine bar samplings?”

Perhaps a little of both, or more accurately: A lot of both.

The ‘house’ that the Santa family has built, while fulfilling the needs of a community has inspired the imagination of a county (plus) to partake in the best a grocery store can offer. And through word of mouth not only did the discerning consumer arrive but the craft brewer, impassioned vigneron and micro distiller found their way to our door as well.

As we sift through and explore the wares of producers large and small we “kiss a lot of toads” so that our customer may find his or her “prince/princess charming”. What is described by clientele as “the best job in the world” is an arduous process. (Within the “arduous process” we find “ardor” and the success of our department is the presence of ardor among the staff: emotional warmth, passion, eagerness; enthusiasm.) Tasting and selecting wines and spirits incorporates the use of not only taste but sight, smell and the sense of hearing. With each wine comes a distributor, broker, salesperson, owner, wine maker and sometimes, but not necessarily, a winery; and always a story. Ultimately the wine speaks for itself but discernment is challenged when the presenter is talking a mile a minute. More often than not when you get a wine from the Woodlands Market wine guys you get ‘the story’ as well.

We sell wine, spirits, beer: imported and domestic, mass produced, boutique, unique, fizzy, still, pink, white, red, sweet, dry, easy, casual, austere, serious…. And that’s just the wine. Spirits and beer can make your head spin…really!

Wine should not be a mystery. It is a beverage used in most cultures world – wide. It is said ‘there are more miracles in a barrel of wine than a church full of saints’.

Our department’s mission is to find the wine to match your meal, delight you and your friends at a price to suit your needs.

The opportunity to taste wine at Woodlands Market Wine Bar is how we provide guests a chance to taste new and different wines. It is a truly unique and enjoyable setting to not only taste wine but also a place to meet with your community.

Please come and see us!

Kentfield Tasting Schedule
Tiburon Tasting Schedule

Erskine Gallant, Regional Wine+Beer+Beer Manager

David Curtis, Department Manager & Buyer (Kentfield)
Ed Guelld, Department Manager & Buyer (San Francisco)
Michael Mota, Department Manager & Buyer (Tiburon)