Woodlands Market proudly serves freshly brewed coffees from our local roasting partner, Equator Coffees.  Join us as we highlight a different single-origin bean every month, each with a unique flavor profile.

March’s Feature:
Kenya Kiangothe

Tasting Profile:
Flavors of grapefruit, black tea, dry roasted almond, and chocolate.

Kenya Kiangothe is produced by the Kabare Cooperative Society, a group of 12,300 members that deliver ripe coffee cherries to 11 washing stations scattered throughout Kirinyaga County in Kenya. This specific lot was processed at the Kiangothe washing station, which represents about 500 of these small farmers.

The name Kiangothe is derived from the Kikuyu word “ngothe” which is a kind of sedge grass that grows widely in the area. The Kiangothe mill uses fresh water diverted from the Mukengeria River to transport, ferment and wash the coffee that is processed at there. Water used during processing is transferred to filtration pits, where sediment is naturally removed, resulting in clean water.