We thought that January would be a good time to profile our diverse Health and Beauty department, as we know that plenty of you are doing your best to stave off the dreaded cold and flu symptoms this season. Whatever it is, we’ve got what you’re looking for in our stock of around 3,000 different items. And if we don’t have it, we can special order it for you!

Managed by Betsy Hershfeld-Cohen for the past 15 years (you may have seen her in the aisles at our Kentfield store), our Health and Beauty department prides itself on the diversity of its selection.


We carry everything from western, over-the-counter medicines you can find in pharmacies to natural homeopathic remedies, herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, and a small and select offering of traditional Chinese herbs.

We’re proud to carry a number of things to keep you strong and healthy through flu season, including Echinacea, garlic supplements, and elderberry. Everyone should be getting their share of Vitamins C, D, and A to keep them strong and healthy throughout the season.

We’re also in love with Neti pots, which are very effective at nasal irrigation when you are congested-we recommend the traditional, gravity-based version. Another popular item we carry and recommend for the season is Oscillococcinum, a great homeopathic flu remedy made by a French company called Boiron.

Throat coat tea from Traditional Medicinals is also very popular around this time of year-top selling tea varieties from this company also include Gypsy Cold Care and Breathe Easy. Gaia is another herb brand we carry that offers wonderfully potent healing herbal teas, in addition to many other herbal supplements.

Other popular health products we carry include:

  • Source Naturals Wellness Formula
  • Nordic Naturals Fish Oils
  • Aromatherapy oils from Simplers Botanicals and Now Foods
  • A wide array of probiotics, including Bio-K+, Jarro-Dophilus, and Health Aid’s ImmuProbio
  • Vega Plant-Based shakes
  • Premium vitamin lines, including Bluebonnet, Rainbow Light, and Solgar


Our Beauty department carries a broad range of choices, from products you can find at your typical drug stores and supermarkets to an excellent selection of higher-end skincare and beauty lines like Weleda and Annemarie Börlind from Germany and the American company evan healy.

If you’re looking for more affordable products, we carry some less expensive lines such as Acure, MyChelle, and EO that are still very natural and of high quality. Of particular note, EO is a very successful company that makes products containing just a few simple ingredients yet are very affordable. They started as a small company out of Corte Madera, and Woodlands was one of its first retail outlets-we were one of the only stores at the time to carry its full line. The company has since grown into a nationally distributed brand, and we still proudly carry them.

Each of our Woodlands Market stores carries a different curated selection of these products, but if you’re ever in our Kentfield store, be sure to stop by and say hello to department manager Betsy Hershfeld-Cohen, who you can probably find in an aisle helping a customer find what they need. Whether it’s medicine, remedies, herbs, supplements, or beauty and skin products, you can be sure that Woodlands has what you need.