The days are getting shorter, and the fall harvest is upon us. That means our Produce Department is bringing back a batch of items that we haven’t seen for a while.

Our first shipment of pomegranates this season has arrived. These sweet, juicy fruits are grown in California. They’re loaded with nutrients, including fiber, protein, folate, potassium, and vitamins C and K, but it’s their antioxidant properties that make pomegranates stand out among their peers. They contain punicalagins, extremely potent antioxidants that are found both in the juice and the peel. Punicalagins give pomegranates anti-inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation in the digestive tract and other areas, and the fruits may also help lower both your blood pressure and your risk of heart disease.

It’s not easy to open pomegranates, but we’ve got that covered for you. We offer ready-to-eat pomegranate seeds that are easy to enjoy— they’re always among our Produce Department’s top sellers.

Pomegranates have a very limited season that runs from October to February, so enjoy them while you can!

October is upon us, and that means it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit with our assortment of mini pumpkins. Decorate your own or check out our different painted pumpkin pals and silhouette designs and pick the perfect pumpkin for your home.

It’s gourd season, and acorn and butternut squash have just come in as well. They are versatile and delicious when baked, pureed into soups, or just halved and eaten with butter and brown sugar. Don’t forget to save the seeds! They make a great snack when roasted and salted.