If you’re in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year, stop by the Woodlands Meat Department and place your order ahead of time. We’ve perfected an efficient system for picking up your pre-ordered turkey in-store so you won’t have to wait for your bird when you arrive.

Our biggest turkey suppliers for Thanksgiving are Willie Bird Turkeys (out of Sonoma) and Diestel Family Turkeys (out of Sonora). These conscientious farms raise healthy birds and we’re proud to offer them for our customers each year.

Don’t count out Dungeness crab as a delicious option at your family table this holiday season. Many of our customers enjoy a feast of fresh crab each Thanksgiving. Dungeness season starts this week, and we’re now accepting orders for Thanksgiving day!

We get fantastic crabs here at Woodlands. We maintain great relationships with our suppliers, which means that Woodlands is always guaranteed delivery of the best-of-the-best crabs. The industry term for these is “two and up,” meaning they all weigh at least two pounds. These crabs are the densest of them all—they’re healthy, hard-shelled, and full of sweet meat. We carry “two and ups” most of the time here at Woodlands, and they make a great option for a big family Thanksgiving feast.

Other Thanksgiving meal options popular with our customers are beef tenderloin, prime rib, and the traditional ham, which many cook as a supplement to turkey.

Whatever you choose for your big meal, now’s the time to place your order!