The rainy season has begun in the Bay Area, and that means that we all need to work a little harder to stay healthy and stave off the dreaded cold or flu. Drinking fresh-squeezed juice is a great and easy way to boost your immune system, and you can find all the varieties you’ll want year-round at all Woodlands Market locations.

Woodlands has been squeezing our own juice since the 1980s. Oranges are the base of all of our blended juices, and we juice everything we sell onsite at our Kentfield store, 364 days a year (aside from Christmas Day). We go through around three tons of oranges per week for all three Woodlands locations and use the best juicing machine we could find-one that doesn’t puncture the rind and keeps unwanted oils out of the juice.

We’re proud to say that after juicing, all our spent orange rinds-around 3,000 pounds a week-go to Marin Sanitary Service to be recycled into compost. Woodlands was the first commercial business in Marin to compost its food waste.

Depending on the time of year, we source our oranges from different farms in California, Mexico, Texas, and Florida-we’re constantly seeking out the sweetest batches of oranges, which make the best juice. As with any produce, availability and price changes through the year.

Unlike most commercially distributed brands, all our juice is raw and unpasteurized, which gives it a shorter shelf life, but a much better flavor than other flash-pasteurized juices. The only ingredient we ever add to our juice is Vitamin C, which helps keep the color and gives an extra boost to your immune system.

Aside from the staples-orange and grapefruit juice-Woodlands offers six different juice blends, including the top sellers MOR (mango, orange and raspberry), BOB (blackberry, orange and banana), and SOM (strawberry, orange and mango). Be sure to keep an eye out for the super-rare honey tangerine juice-we’re only able to get our hands on this delicious citrus variety a couple of weeks a year during the winter.

All our blends are selected and approved by Woodlands’ long-time Produce Purveyor and General Manager Randy Salinas, who is always on the hunt for the best product we can get our hands on. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality juice products to our customers, every day of the year.

So, whether you’re keeping a cold at bay or drinking for pleasure (our juices make a smooth cocktail with some vodka), you can be sure Woodlands has got you covered with the freshest fruit we can find, all year long.