Since opening late last August, our San Francisco store has really found its groove in its day-to-day operations, and this especially true of our fantastic Meat & Seafood department, managed by veteran butcher, Matthew Usinowicz. We work hard every day to keep our case stocked with the freshest cuts, as well as a large assortment of to-go offerings, pre-cut and ready to cook.

Fresh Meat

Our San Francisco store’s five-person team starts their day early by breaking down larger cuts of meat and preparing smaller cuts such as New York strip steaks, chicken, pork chops, and the like. About half of all meat and seafood sales in our San Francisco store are for to-go offerings, with the most popular offering being our stir fry. This consists of steak (flank or tri-tip) or chicken (thigh or breast meat) that is stripped and combined with bell peppers and onions. It makes for an easy and delicious meal to take home and prepare.

When it comes to our meat, our number one priority is quality and freshness, and we make sure to keep our product stock consistent and in line with what our customers demand. Our meats come from family farms and larger vendors with whom we have great relationships and have worked with for years.

Currently, our most popular item is a 100-percent, grass-fed NY strip steak and ribeye from Sonoma County. We also offer a butcher’s choice steak that’s marinated in Woodlands’ house-made black pepper marinade, as well as in-house sausages made from three delicious recipes- Mexican-style pork chorizo, pork mild Italian, and pork hot Italian. We do have a fantastic bratwurst recipe as well that we’re holding on to for the spring and summer months, so keep an eye out!

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, we thought we would join the party and make some house-brined traditional corned beef. This consists of USDA choice beef brisket that’s been brining in a simple mixture of salt, brown sugar, garlic and pickling spice. The initial results have been fantastic, so make sure to stop by and get it while it lasts.

Fresh Seafood

Our fresh seafood is delivered six days a week by our trusted vendor, All Seas Wholesale, and we always rotate out our fish every 24 hours. On top of our daily staples, we’re periodically able to get special items in stock that aren’t normally available. For example, we recently offered opah fish from Hawaii, which has a delightful meaty texture like ahi tuna or swordfish.

For the past few months, the department’s most popular item is a fantastic salmon filet from Wester Ross Fisheries in Scotland. This stainable, farm-raised fish has no dyes or additives and has been a big hit with customers. Other highlights include black cod (butterfish), ling cod, or Icelandic cod, as well as an assortment of prawns, sea scallops, crabmeat, and pre-made crab cakes.

Special orders are encouraged, so if you need something we don’t keep in our regular stock, just stop by and fill out a form and we’ll be sure to have your order ready the next day!