Happy New Year from Woodlands Market! Though winter is upon us, our produce department is still stocked with a wide variety of seasonal fruits and veggies from all over.

We love winter citrus season in California, and right now it’s in full swing. Get your dose of vitamin C and stave off the flu with our selection of sweet and delicious mandarins, Page tangerines (a hybrid of the Clementine mandarin and the Minneola tangelo), Cara Cara oranges, and Ruby Red grapefruits.

Winter is for leafy greens, and we have all the lettuces you need to make a great salad, including butter, red leaf, and red romaine.

Did you know blueberries are now a winter crop in California? Our first batch has arrived, and they’re sweet and delicious.

Crispy apples are still coming in from Washington state as well.

We’ve got plenty of great-looking cauliflower grown in California, as well as fresh zucchini, peppers, and beans.

Plums just in stock from Chile are juicy and sweet, and we also have fresh currants grown in South America.

Last but not least, don’t forget Mexican avocados! Super Bowl season is here and we’ve got all the ripe avocados you’ll need to whip up some big batches of guacamole for the game.