Woodlands Market proudly serves freshly brewed coffees from our local roasting partner, Equator Coffees. Join us as we highlight a different single-origin bean every month, each with a unique flavor profile.

December’s Feature:
El Salvador Finca Himalaya SL28 Natural

Tasting Profile:
Smooth and sweet with flavors of raspberry, pistachio and butterscotch.

This fantastic coffee comes from Mauricio “Moe” Salaverria’s Salvadoran farm, Finca Himalaya. This is a rare, natural-processed SL28 lot, a variety that was just planted on the farm a few years ago. The celebrated SL28 variety is a Bourbon-derived Arabica species selection that emerged in the 1930s through the work of botanists in Kenya at the respected agricultural research institute, Scott Laboratories. Although the name is rather unromantic, SL28 is a favorite of many coffee professionals. Widely planted in Kenya, SL28 is often credited with providing the unique combination of sweetness, refined acidity, and concentrated fruit complexity that is found in the best coffees from this origin.

In addition to Finca Himalaya, Moe owns and operates several small coffee farms under the banner Divisadero Café Farms. Coffees from these farms place well in coffee competitions such as Cup of Excellence. In this year’s El Salvador Cup of Excellence, Finca Himalaya snagged another award! This farm has been in the Salaverria Lagos family since 1875.