Going Green

Woodlands Market is constantly finding new ways to reduce its environmental footprint. Recently we have adopted new trash and recycling bins with clear guidelines throughout our stores. Our goal is to educate which items belong in their appropriate bins and minimize contamination of unwanted items being placed in our recycled bins. By following this practice, we will be increasing our output of recycled material and reducing waste going to our local landfills.

In our San Francisco location we have replaced one-time use plastic wrap with reusable pallet wrap. This alone will save over 300 lbs of plastic from entering the landfill annually.

Fun fact: The new kid and adult lunch tables in our Tiburon location are made from recycled plastic.

Food Waste

At Woodlands Market edible items don’t get discarded. Dated or damaged items are either given to employees or donated to a local Marin county food bank.
Did you know? The average American throws away 300 lbs. of food per year.

Clean the Garden Day

On March 30th, employees of Woodlands Market, students and faculty of Reed Elementary School came together and took on a project outside classroom walls. They all contributed to cleaning the Reed School’s garden boxes, which were taken over by weeds and debris. We saved as many earthworms as possible and taught the kids about the great work they do. Even though they are slimy and weird looking. We hope to teach the kids about composting and show them how it makes our planet happier.

Our next step will be to build new garden boxes lined with gopher wire to keep the critters away. Teaching the elementary students the value of gardening throughout the process is our main goal. They are the next generation and it is our pleasure to educate them.

All Meat Department is Antibiotics-Free

Our San Francisco meat department exclusively features Never-Ever Natural meat by Niman Ranch – commitment to NEVER giving their animals any antibiotics or hormones. Ever. Plus their animals are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and are Certified Humane.