Over the past several years Woodlands Market has partnered up with Extra Food to help end hunger and wasted food in Marin County. As government support for the less fortunate continues to shrink it’s up to great organizations like Extra Food to aid those in need. We are proud to have donated 48,071 pounds of food thus far and look forward to helping many more people in the future.

Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to help end hunger and wasted food in Marin County.

The core values we bring to this mission are:


Our relationships with each other and our partners are of the highest importance to us: ExtraFood is food recovery with “the human touch.”


We continually integrate our organization into Marin’s network of volunteers, businesses, governments and social service agencies, creating a growing community of collaborative partners.


We bring an intention to serve to everyone in the ExtraFood community: the hungry, the organizations that feed them, our food donors, our supporting partners, our financial donors, and each other.


As a learning organization, we strive to continually improve our program: to become more attuned to our recipients’ needs, to be more responsive to our food donors, and to manage our organization more effectively.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We work with everyone in the ExtraFood community in the spirit of mutually respectful collaboration. And we follow through on the commitments we make to our partners and to each other.


Through direct service and advocacy, we fill a gap in the county’s food system, helping those who are hungry to be fed and helping to reduce food waste and resulting greenhouse gas emissions.


We enjoy and celebrate our work, our successes, and our bonds with each other.