Every month we’ll be spotlighting a different Woodlands employee to connect you with our team and learn more about what they do day in and day out to keep their departments running smoothly. We appreciate our hard-working employees and want you to get to know them!

With over 10 years of previous experience working supermarket delis, Marry Angelica has been working at Woodlands for the past year. Marry keeps the shelves beautifully stocked with a variety of fresh sandwiches, cheese, and salads every day and our customers appreciate the genuine care she puts into her work and her love for the Woodlands family.

What originally brought you to Woodlands?

I’m originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, and had been working in a supermarket deli department for the past 10 years. I was a supervisor in a different store that closed down, so I applied for a position at Woodlands Market since it was opening a new store in San Francisco. I was here for six months before I got promoted to Deli Manager.

I’ve learned so much in my time here and work hard each day to make sure my employees are happy while running a tight ship.

What does a typical day at Woodlands look like for you?

Every morning I arrive at Woodlands at around 5:30 am. I start by stocking up the deli section with fresh items, and make sure all the shelves are fully-stocked and beautiful so that when customers come in, they can have the best experience possible and appreciate the variety of products we offer. I’ll also check the expiration dates on grab-and-go items, clean, and help my co-workers make fresh sandwiches for grab-and-go. After that I’ll review inventory and place orders with our vendors. The rest of my time is spent helping customers—that’s what I enjoy most about my job.

What are some highlights of the Deli Department?

We offer meats, cheeses, sandwiches, and salads. All of our salads are homemade from our kitchen, and we offer many different types, including cold kale salad, curried chicken salad, sesame ginger shrimp, orange quinoa salad, and Greek salad.

We have fresh bread delivered every morning which we use to make our sandwiches. In addition to offering specialty sandwiches, customers can also make their own sandwich and customize what ingredients they would like. Our Ricky’s Rockin’ Chicken Chipotle Sandwich is our best seller, with Pesto Turkey coming in a close second. I personally make the sauces for our specialty sandwiches myself.

We also offer pre-packed snack boxes, supplied by our vendor, Tony’s Fine Foods. They come pre-packed with provolone, pepperoni, cheese and olives. Tony’s also provides us with salami, goat cheese, prosciutto and pâté, among other items.

Is there anything new and exciting coming up in the Deli?

We have a special Asian dinner menu coming up. We have many Asian customers here in the SF store, so we’re thinking of introducing some Chinese or Filipino style dinners for our customers. Hopefully that will be out soon!

What is your favorite thing about working at Woodlands?

Woodlands really feels like a family to me. Everyone is very nice and friendly, and it’s clear that they care about their employees. In return, its apparent that the employees here put their hearts into their work, as everyone is invested in helping Woodlands to be the best it can be. I have had many managers before, but I have never worked in such a kind environment before. The story behind the Santa family and how Woodlands is family-run is motivating for me. It really inspires me to put my heart into working for Woodlands and to help it grow.