Life in San Francisco moves fast, and those busy folks who live and work downtown don’t necessarily have a lot of time to shop for groceries. We know this here at our San Francisco store, and that’s why our Grocery Department has carefully curated our shelf stock by keeping close track of which products are selling,and constantly adjusting our inventory based on this.

Managed by Ernie Garcia, the Grocery Department in our (relatively small) San Francisco store has limited space to work with, and we make the most of it by staying on top of what’s popular by interacting with customers. We try to keep an open dialogue with shoppers about what’s missing from our shelves, and fill the gaps as needed to continually offer the items our customers want most. In the past, customers have requested items like Sunwïnk drinks, Angie’s Chai, and Moss Beach Kombucha, all of which we now carry in-store.

Our shelves are stocked with the essentials needed to get through a busy week, including cereals, dried foods, snacks, Asian foods, housewares, baby food, cleaning supplies, and more. Our Grocery department also handles the dairy and freezer sections, offering the best and healthiest selection of milk, yogurt, ice cream, and frozen foods.

We rely on up to 80 vendors to keep our shelves full of the right selection of items and put a lot of effort into making sure we’re offering our customers the products they’re looking for. Our six-person Grocery department team works hard each day to keep the shelves stocked, and with up to 13,000 customers coming through the store a week, that adds up to a lot of restocking.

Come visit us on Folsom Street and let us know what you think of our products. If you don’t see something you want, just let us know and we’ll work on having it on the shelves as soon as possible!