This month we had the pleasure of welcoming 2nd grade students from Reed Elementary School to our Tiburon market, where our staff greeted the children in strawberry, pineapple, carrot, and banana costumes. We taught them the value of buying local and environmental sustainability, which businesses like Clover and Straus Creamery strive towards. Straus Creamery uses an innovative methane digester to convert cow manure into electricity. This helps power their entire dairy farm in addition to an electric vehicle.

The students were also taught about the hard work done by bugs like bees and lady bugs in our gardens that helps pollinate our plants and maintain our planet’s health.

All the students were made members of the Woodlands JR. Green Team for their commitment to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Each student received a wristband made from seed paper with “Woodlands JR. Green Team” printed onto it that they could plant and watch wildflowers sprout from. Goodie bags were also distributed containing locally sourced items and fresh fruit.

The 2nd graders enjoyed their goodies at our newly installed kid lunch tables made from recycled plastic. Woodlands Market strives to be a place where kids feel welcomed and comfortable to participate in the grocery shopping experience with their parents—a place where they can learn about local products in their surrounding area. We are devoted to expanding our involvement and contribution to the community we serve!