With the summer season starting up, the produce department in our San Francisco store is working hard to provide the best fresh fruits and veggies for its customers. From Rainier cherries and Black Mission figs to organic peaches and nectarines, our shelves are stocked with all the produce you want and need, and then some.

We have a small but powerful team keeping the produce department running smoothly here. Driving everything is Brandon Maruca, who takes care of all the ins and outs of the department, as well as the upkeep of the leafy greens in the wet wall (read our profile on Brandon here). Jaime works the night crew and makes sure everything is ready for the morning, while Jose and Tom work the mid-morning shift.

Together, the team works to keep the latest seasonal items on the shelves for our customers each day. Right now we have some fantastic fruit—there are currently have two types of cherries in stock: Rainier and Bing. The Bing is dark red, full of flavor, and has a nice balance of tart to sweet. The Rainier is somewhat sweeter, has a lighter taste, and is yellow and red.

Also just in stock are Black Mission figs, which are not overly sweet and just moist enough to make for a decadent treat. Grown in the US, they’re a dark, black color, come in half-pints, and have been very popular with customers. Fresh figs are very delicate, so we only place small orders of these at a time to ensure that our inventory is the freshest possible. We’ll also bring in other types of figs later on in the season.

One of our favorite parts of summer is stone fruit season—there’s nothing like enjoying a ripe, cool plum or nectarine on a hot day. We currently have nectarines, white nectarines, and yellow and white peaches in-store.

No matter what the season, one of our most popular items are our pre-seeded pomegranate seeds. We know that it’s a pain to open pomegranates—there just isn’t an easy way to do it. With a clamshell of already seeded pomegranate seeds, it’s easy to enjoy this amazing fruit.

We try to bring different, unique items into the store all the time and make shopping in our produce department more interesting for our customers. We know there are a lot of items that people are not familiar with, and we try to offer new and different tastes for people—They’re usually pretty receptive to trying new things.

In the near future, we’re looking into switching things up a bit with the department layout so as to put more emphasis on different produce. In the coming weeks we’ll also be bringing in plums and pluots, melons, and the coveted heirloom tomatoes—look out for them! (Did we mention that we love summer?)