We’re excited to announce that Woodlands is opening its very first Pet Shop next month in San Francisco, just around the corner from Woodlands Market! Located on Beale Street at the corner of Folsom on the ground floor of LUMINA, the shop will be opening in mid-July.

Woodlands Pet Shop will be managed by Patricia Rivas, who will draw from her years of pet industry training to offer advice of all kinds to pet owners on dental, grooming, how to treat a pet’s allergies, and more. Woodlands Pet Shop will be focused on wholesome nutrition for dogs and cats—we’re proud to say that the brands we offer here aren’t carried at the large chain pet shops. There will be a wide selection of nutritious food brands, both raw/frozen and dry.

We are also working hard right now to offer our own raw pet food made in-house, something that most other pet shops don’t offer. We’re working with the Meat Department at Woodlands Market just around the corner to take the butcher’s local meat—both muscle and organs—and turn it into raw, nutritious pet food. This raw food can be combined with pre-packaged, vegetable-based mixes to give cats and dogs a complete and balanced meal. We plan on offering beef, chicken and pork flavors, and the food will be sold per pint out of the freezer. Our in-house raw food should be available in-store within a month of our July opening, as we’re currently working out the best recipe possible to offer pets for the most fully balanced meal possible.

In addition to a diverse selection of cat and dog food, the other 60 percent of our store will be devoted to a carefully curated selection of toys, collars, leashes, beds, cat scratchers, and pet supplements such as probiotics.

Though the focus of the Pet Shop will be cats and dogs, if you have a pet of a different variety please stop by to say hi and let us know your pet, and we will be happy to special order anything you need. We can’t wait to meet you and your pets. See you in July!